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Headshots and Business Portraits Pricing
Number of Images
No. of Changes/Outfits
Session Duration
Pricing Per Final Retouched Digital Image
Only 1
20 Minutes Max
Rs. 3,600 + 18% GST
2 to 5
Upto 3
1 Hour Max
Rs. 3,400 + 18% GST
6 +
2 Hours Max
Rs. 3,200 + 18% GST

Photo Selection

Digital Image

Studio Session


Terms & Conditions
  • To confirm a Studio Session, Client will receive a Payment link for the Booking Charges of Rs. 1500 to his/her Mobile Number or email to confirm the studio session which can be paid online easily. The Studio Session will be confirmed once after we receive the the payment.

  • Outfit and the makeup has to be arranged from the client's end.

  • Once after the Studio session is Completed, you can select the Images at our studio.

  • Payment Link Final Invoice will be raised based on your selections during the Photo Reveal/selection session. Booking Charges of Rs. 1500 will be adjusted in the Final Invoice.

  • Once after we receive the full payment, We will Retouch and deliver the Digital Images as per to our working timelines.

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