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Photo Restoration Services

Old photographs carry lots of memories, sentiments and nostalgic information. Every one have old family photos that have suffered from passage of time and neglect. We help  save and recover  old photos that might be water damaged, torn or faded  and bring back those  old memories. 


We at KS STUDIO use special image restoration  and colorization  techniques and manually remove dirt,   scratches and other signs of photographic age. The photo is scanned or photographed on a high resolution, creating the digital image that we will work with.

Our Restoration Process:


Digital Copy

We scan or Photograph the damaged photographs, negatives and slides, of all sizes and create high resolution digital copy to further start the repair process.


Photo Repair/Restoration

Repair cracks, spots, broken corners, fading bleached and other imperfections.



Bring back the monochromatic photo to life by adding color to it.

Our Restoration Work also include the following: 

  • Change Backgrounds

  • Add or remove elements or people

  • Document Restoration

  • Color & Lighting Corrections

Get an Estimate for your Photo Restoration

You can get an estimate for your work by bringing to our studio. Alternatively, you can upload your image online Here and get and exact quote for your restoration work

Photo Scan Info Here

Upload your photo Here for a Quote

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