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Step By Step Scanning Instructions - You Will Need The Following


Flatbed Scanner or Combination Document/Photo Scanner


Computer/Mobile Phone with an Internet Connection

Scan & Upload Instruction

(The instructions provided below are typical for most home scanners).

1 Prepare the photo for scanning

  • Remove the photo from any plastic  covering and wipe both the photo and the scanner glass with a soft, lint-free cloth so that we don't have to digitally remove lint later. This will reduce the cost of the restoration work. Place the Photo in the middle of the glass and close the cover. Do not Place the photo in the document as this may harm the photo.

  • Place the Photo on the scanner glass.

  • Scan the image at 300 dpi (dots per inch) for same sized photos.

  • Scan the image at about 800 dpi for enlargements and canvas prints.

  • Save the Photo on your computer desktop so you can find it to upload. 

2 Click Here to Upload the Digital copy now

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