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KS Studio is the image retouching  and photography studio based in  Hyderabad. We   specialize     in    creating all type of high calibre imagery for  products,   jewelry, and  models    for both commercial and  personal use.


We offer full photo-production services(studio and location shooting) and produce Hi-Quality images  for use in digital as well as in print media. In addition, we run a staff of in-house retouchers  and are in relationship with stylists, models/actors and makeup artists to run a photo-production of all sorts.   Our key points of difference are superior quality, attention to details and cost effective photo packages 


We have a diverse collection of props in our studio to create captivating creative photos and  to bring out certain features of the product in the photo.

At KS STUDIO we will work with you to recreate and enhance your ideas  by complimenting your product with  unique props settings and  product styling. With each photo that we make the result is a high quality stunning image.

KS STUDIO offer all types of Model Photography Services from eCommerce Model Photography to Hi End Fashion Photography.  Model Photos will bring out the essence and the true representation of your products that will meet your business requirements. 

We create great product  shots on  plain white background and   artistically creative product arrangement as well.  We produce white background product images for eCommerce sites,  brochure,  print and advertising purposes.

We put a great emphasis on quality and attention to details, ensuring that your product is eye-catching and engaging. We truly believe that having top quality photography leads to sales conversion and customer retention.

We use special techniques for Jewellery Photography to showcase the  Jewellry details,  metal shine, stone reflection and sparkles.  We produce    Hi Quality Jewellery photos on pure white background as well as creative backgrounds.  Jewellery product photography can be a very difficult challenge as you need to showcase item’s true magnificence and brilliance in realistic representation of the product in a photograph. 

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